GD&T Mentoring

The current situation in many companies - In my travels, I see numerous examples of drawings with poorly defined parts, overly restrictive tolerances or ambiguous tolerances. And when drawings are clear and correct, they are often misinterpreted by downstream users.

Even when companies have had GD&T training, it helps a little, but, it often doesn't solve many of the on the job problems. Training is often packed into a two or three day marathon experience, like drinking from a firehose. These rapid fire training experiences are not very effective and studies show that 80-90% of the content is often forgotten within a few weeks.

GD&T training is helpful, but, it teaches mostly content. But what is needed to make a lasting change is content plus on-the-job  guidance and feedback. This includes: the importance of standards, how to dimension parts to protect their intended functions, and how to verify tolerances.

What is GD&T mentoring? - Mentoring is a technical activity that involves working with your drawings. The results from mentoring are usable on your project. Mentoring ensures that part tolerancing is clear, standard compliant and functional.  Mentoring is an excellent follow-up to GD&T training - it is clearly the best way to ensure that the material learned in a workshop is properly applied and integrated into your dimensional management process. Mentoring may be: an expert resource for your GD&T group, a source for understanding the ASME and ISO standards activities, guidance on dimensioning approaches, review of measurement methods, etc.

Benefits of mentoring - The benefits of mentoring can impact many areas of your organization.

  • Anticipates problems instead of reacting to problems.
  • Eliminates vague tolerances and many common drawing errors.
  • Focuses on creating part tolerances that protect the function of your parts..
  • Helps to create a link between the part functional requirements and the tolerances.
  • Reduces product development time.
  • Lowers production and gaging costs.
  • Improves the inspection process of part tolerances.
  • Reinforces GD&T training content and shows how to apply GD&T on your products.

Hire Alex as your virtual mentor today - Let me work with your staff on a long-term basis, helping them to become truly proficient in applying and understanding tolerancing on your engineering drawings. My oversight and guidance will help the tolerancing process to become the successful long-term solution you need. To discuss your particular needs and request a quote, click on the button below

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