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I have been helping some of the worlds leading organizations with their engineering drawing related problems for over 30 years. I am a long standing active member of the ASME GD&T and ISO GPS standards committees. I have written 22 books on various GD&T related topics. Several of my books have sold over 100,000 copies. I have designed 12 GD&T related courses and taught tens of thousands of industry professionals in thirteen countries. My course materials have been used by over 5000 companies and colleges.

More importantly, I've walked the talk" and designed numerous products using the dimensioning methods I have written about in my books. I have been a designer, design leader, and design supervisor. I have managed a dimensional engineering department for one of the largest corporations in the world.

I am passionate about GD&T and helping people. I believe that GD&T is a low cost high return technology. I am committed to helping beginners get proficient and industry professionals master the nuances of the language and understand the dimensioning methods that protect product function while allowing maximum tolerances for manufacturing. I have been referred to as the "Rock Star of GD&T" and the "Doctor of Dimensioning"

Alex offers live web classes.  He teaches the why as well as the what.  He takes you step by step through the tools and knowledge you need to use GD&T on the job.

I am an active participant in developing GD&T and ISO GPS standards. I believe that the best way to improve the standards is to participate in their development. I am a member of several ASME standards committees and I am a US expert on several ISO GPS work groups. I am continually advocating to make the standards, clear, consistent, correct and coordinated.

I am an accomplished teacher, mentor, and instructional designer. I have a B.S. degree in Industrial Education. I have studied over 100 books on instructional design. I have taught over 100,000 students and designed 12 GD&T related courses. I have a passion for teaching. mentoring , and instructional design.

Alex Krulikowski

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I am a member of or have review and voting privileges on the following ASME and ISO GPS committees



ASME Board of Standardization


Engineering Product Definition & Related Documentation Practices


Surface Texture


Digital Product Definition Data Practices


Model Organization Schema Practices


Dimensioning and Tolerancing Principles for Gages and Fixtures


Measurement Data Reporting


Dimensioning and tolerancing for additive manufacturing


Universal Direction and Load indicators


Dimensioning & Tolerancing


Mathematical Definition of Dimensioning and Tolerancing Principles




Castings & Forgings


Engineering Drawing Practices

Flexible parts WG

Standardization on tolerancing of flexible parts


US Tag to TC-213

The group that represents the U.S. at the ISO TC 213 meetings


Fundamentals, Concepts, & Rules


Geometrical tolerances


Profile tolerances




General tolerances


Datums and datum systems


Moulded parts




General terms and definitions


Model for Geometrical Specification and Verification


Dimensional Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover Northampton, United Kingdom

Hi Alex.
I have been reading your Fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing textbook after it was recommended to me by a colleague. Thank you for creating such a great read!
Kind Regards

Matthew KItson

Dimensional Engineering (GD&T), Quality, Technical Training

Alex, I hope you're doing well in your new endeavors. Last time I talked with you was at the recent Denver Y14.5 meeting, and I had you sign my copy of Y14.5 2009. How does it feel to be a Rock Star?

I appreciate your work more than I can say and I've used your textbooks in my classes at Metropolitan State University, Denver for more than ten years. I've taught GD&T for the Denver Metro Community Colleges for four years, again with your textbooks, AND, your excellent Power Point slides.

As my graduate-student population increases, I get more corporate gigs, as my previous students grow into responsible positions. I'm getting regular calls from corporate clients now, and for those classes, I use your pocket guide, which is second to none.

I promote your materials in every class I teach, in all three categories above, and would appreciate your suggestions on how to promote your services more effectively. Do you have a 'kit' composed of your primary publications that I could present on a table? My most recent aerospace class was attended by 74 local students + others connected via the internet. Your name alone has less impact for them than me--however, your works speak for themselves.

Thanks for digging wells from which we 'professionals' drink! The very 1st GD&T class I attended was cassette-tape based, in 1967, using the brand-new 1966 Standard--I picked up my 50-year-old copy just today for a review...

With my very best regards and admiration,

Prof. Jack Rickard


Jack Rickard
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