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Did You Know? The ASME Y14.5 – 2009 Standard has German Version Available

Why depend on casual peer translations when you can have a professional translation of the entire Y14.5 -2009 standard? If you have German speaking colleagues working with drawings made to the Y14.5 Standard on Dimensioning and Tolerancing this is a valuable resource. Check out the link to the publishers website below to order a copy.

Benefits of using the German Translation of Y14.5-2009

If your native language is German there are several benefits to using the translated version.

  • Save time by not having to translate the text in he standard every time you need to read a passage.
  • Eliminate errors caused by inaccurate translations
  • The Standard will be used more if it is easier / more convenient to use.

In conclusion, if the standard is written in a langauge you are familiar with, it will get used more and save time.

Additional information from the publisher...

Date of issue: 2010-12First edition, 342 pages, A4, Broschiert

This book provides the translation of the ASME Y.14-5-2009 . This standard introduces uniform procedures for the specification and interpretation of dimensions, tolerances and associated requirements for application on technical drawings and related documents.

​You can have instant access with an electronic version.


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