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About This Website...

The purpose of this website is to help managers, engineers, designers, checkers, quality personnel and CMM operators to reduce product costs, reduce product development time, and improve product quality by correctly applying and interpreting ASME GD&T and ISO GPS standards.

My goal is to help you to improve product quality and reduce costs by gaining a good understanding of the ASME GD&T (Y14.5, Y14.41, Y14.100, Y14.8 etc.) and ISO GPS (ISO 1101, 2692, 8015, 14405-1, etc.)standards and various dimensioning methods.

Proper use of standards and a common dimensional engineering process will eliminate many product related problems and lower production and inspection costs.

This website is filled with articles, resources, tips, and other material to help you understand the ASME GD&T and  ISO GPS standards, and various  dimensioning approaches.

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Alex Krulikowski

Author of 22 books on GD&T, teacher, mentor, instructional designer, ASME and ISO standards writer, product designer, dimensional engineering manager, speaker, blogger, and successful entrepreneur. 

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GD&T Instructor

William Caldwell

I’d like to personally extend this recommend on behalf of Alex Krulikowski, (The Doctor of GD&T), regarding his expertise, knowledge, and accomplishments within the engineering, technical and educational arenas.

Over the years, Alex has successfully developed and published exceptional training material that has been used globally, to meet the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing demands and requirements for industries ranging from automotive to aerospace. He has worked with executives, managers, designers and engineers, small companies as well as large corporations. He has communicated the importance of management support to executives and managers, and has stressed the even more important need for designers and engineers to properly apply GD&T to in order to produce quality products and experience cost savings.

I’ve evaluated, reviewed and used numerous GD&T books and training materials over the years and feel that Alex’s material is far superior and exceptional. His topics range from GD&T Fundamentals to Advance Topics, Applications, to Tolerance and Stacks. His ASME, ISO, On-Line software, workbooks, training manuals and training material has reached global recognition and acceptance.


Senior Designer / ASME Committee member

Jon Houck

Alex’s books are an excellent resource for anyone seeking a more thorough understanding of the ways in which ASME's Y14.5 is used to achieve exact product definition. Going beyond the basic examples used in the standard, Alex offers clear and precise explanations of numerous applications of Y14.5. His work reveals the standard’s essential relevance to design and product excellence in all areas of engineering practice. It is through Alex’s work that I have been able to show others this wide application of Y14.5 to achieve design intent.


Primary Product Engineer GDT Rep & C3P (CAD) - Ford Motor Company

Brent Davis

Alex Krulikowski has been a GD&T mentor for me since 1983 when I was first introduced to GD&T. He is the most knowledgeable expert on this subject that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Since I am co-chair of the Ford Motor Company GDT Technical Committee & attend ASME Committee meetings regularly, I have met the many of the knowledgeable experts on the subject. Alex is not just an expert in GD&T, but his expertise goes into almost all aspects of product development and manufacturing processes. His knowledge in instructional design shows in the many textbooks he has written on GD&T (both ASME & ISO), Tolerance Stack ups, Statistical Tolerance Stacks, Solid Model Tolerancing, Engineering Drawing Requirements, etc. Alex's books are easy to understand and comprehend. Alex's teaching abilities are exceptional as well. If you are looking for any assistance in any of theses subjects, Alex Krulikowski is the man to get the job done! He is truly the "Doctor of Dimensioning"!


System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

Bala Murali

Hi Sir,

I passed GDTP Technologist exam with a score of 96%.

Thanks for your excellent text which made understanding the concepts clear.


GD&T, functional gaging, inspection, and dimensional engineering trainer and mentor

Jim Beary

For both my studies to originally obtain ASME GDTP Certification, and my subsequent years spent teaching on the topics listed above, the training materials that Alex has authored have repeatedly proven to be the clearest, most concise, thorough, and student-friendly materials available.

Through the study of Alex's GD&T Fundamentals training materials along with the associated ASME standard, one of my students also recently achieved their GDTP certification.

Before standardizing on and purchasing materials to implement a new corporate training program, a team and I conducted a thorough, impartial, fact-based evaluation of all GD&T instruction kits and books available. We found Alex's presentations, animations, textbooks, and pocket guides to be more complete and better structured for learning and reference than any other materials available.

Whether you're a new student with no experience, or an experienced design and/or engineering professional with decades in the workforce, Alex's materials work both efficiently and effectively for those seeking to gain immediately useful practical knowledge and understanding of GD&T, functional gaging, inspection, and tolerance analysis.


Design Manager {Retired) – General Motors

Michael A Murphy

As a Design Manager and Engineering Process Leader at General Motors, Alex (Krulikowski) was instrumental in converting the corporate standard from internal company engineering documentation standards to the more globally recognized ASME Y14 standards. His leadership and technical expertise in GD&T and engineering documentation was critical in accomplishing this monumental task of converting to global standards.

Alex also led a team that worked with major CAD software developers to enhance the integration of GD&T into the CAD software.

Alex’s in-depth knowledge and dedication to the topic of GD&T is unparalleled.


Dimensional Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover Northampton, United Kingdom

Matthew KItson

Hi Alex.
I have been reading your Fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing textbook after it was recommended to me by a colleague. Thank you for creating such a great read!
Kind Regards


ASME-GDTP S Trainer & Consultant in GD&T and tolerance stacks, Professor and Coordinator of Engineering Graphics

Bert Siebold , Phd, GDTP-S

Alex Krulikowski and ETI author and produce the highest quality GD&T training materials. Alex has shown a decades-long passion for improving both the theory and practicality of the ASME Y14.5 and related standards, for promoting excellence in GD&T training and helping engineering departments focus on functional product design.

As a GD&T trainer and engineering graphics and design professor, I have used many GD&T training products over the past 30+ years. For the past 15 years, I have focused on ETI's training materials and software because of the unparalleled excellence of ETI’s products. ETI's print and software materials are well illustrated, technically accurate, and include many practical product design and gaging applications.

One of the great things about ETI’s GD&T materials is that they make it easier for me to take the complex, theory and terminology laden Y14.5 standard and break it down into orderly practical instructional units with lots of practical applications. This helps engineers, designers, quality, and manufacturing employees alike see that GD&T is vital to helping them design and manufacture quality products at competitive price points—which helps keep engineering and manufacturing jobs in America.

Alex, I admire and appreciate the difference you are making in American product design: standards, communication, and software!


Designer (Retired)

Billy Garfield

Mr. Krulikowski--
Love your classes and books. Very "all-inclusive" material. I have your GD&T training software on my home computer and have not seen anything that beats it. The level of knowledge contained in the various materials (books, guides, software, etc.) is astounding. I'm so glad I attended several of your classes--and if it weren't for dialysis, I'd attend more classes. I have purchased material from ETI since 2002.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
-B. Garfield


Proprietor at Advantage GD&T Training and Consulting

Douglas Keller

Alex has an encyclopedic knowledge of GD&T yet he hasn't forgotten about the beginner. His training materials are masterfully arranged to ensure students gain a solid understanding of the basics in order to fully grasp the advanced concepts that follow. Topics are reinforced with exercises and quizzes designed to inspire critical thinking providing additional insight into the application of GD&T.

I chose ETI's training materials because I needed comprehensive coverage of GD&T topics from fundamental concepts to advanced tolerance analysis. ETI's instructor kits use real industrial examples, are thorough and come complete with agenda's, recommended exercises, quizzes and tests. Presentations have clear, easy to follow explanations, graphics and animations. Using Alex's materials as the basis for my training programs saves me thousands of hours of development time allowing me to concentrate on delivery and the needs of my clients.

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